Boards Councils Committees

Boards, Councils, Committees, Panels and other bodies

as at December 2019

The Freedom of Information Act 2016 requires all ACT Government Agencies to provide a statement listing all boards, councils, committees, panels and other bodies that have been established by the agency (whether under an Act or otherwise) for the purpose of advising the agency or a Minister responsible for the agency.

These entities play an important part in the operation of the agency, the formulation of government policy and may also at times involve the expenditure of public money. The Boards, Committees, Panels and other bodies identified in this statement satisfied all of the following criteria:

  • play a substantial or important role in formation of government policy;
  • advise on policy, rather than administrative matters;
  • are permanent, or established for a prolonged period;
  • provide reports or recommendations to the Executive (ie Ministers, Cabinet) and senior executives of directorates and other agencies (ie Director-General, Deputy Director-General, Business Unit heads).

List of Board, Committees, Panels and Other Bodies under Justice and Community Safety Directorate



ACT Bushfire Council

The ACT Bushfire Council is established under Section 127 of the Emergencies Act 2004. The Bushfire Council has the function of advising the Minister about matters relating to bushfires. Section 10 of the Emergencies Act requires the Commissioner to ask for, and consider the Bushfire Council’s advice before exercising a function relating to bushfires prescribed by regulation and may ask for Bushfire Council’s advice in the exercise of any other functions relating to bushfires.

Domestic Violence Prevention Council

The Domestic Violence Prevention Council (DVPC) was established in 1997 as an independent statutory body under the Domestic Violence Agencies Act 1986 (the Act). The Council’s authority and accountabilities are shaped by the Act and the Council Standing Orders.  The Council is the peak body to offer advice to the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence on issues relating to domestic and family violence.

Firearms Advisory Committee

To advise the Minister for Police and Emergency Services on:

  1. the operation of the Firearms Act 1996 (the Act), regulations made under the Act and other related legislation, including making recommendations for improving their operation;

  2. Commonwealth, State and Territory firearms matters, including the National Firearms Agreement, to help inform the Minister’s position on national firearms issues; and

  3. other matters related to firearms referred to the Committee by the Minister.

Victims Advisory Board

The functions of the board are—

(a) to advise the Minister on policies, priorities and strategies for the acknowledgment, protection and promotion of the interests of victims in the administration of justice; and

(b) if asked by the Minister—to help develop and maintain protocols and procedures for the treatment of victims by agencies involved in the administration of justice; and

(c) any other function given to the board under The Victims of Crime Act 1994 or another territory law.

Liquor Advisory Board

Provide advice to the minister about matters associated with the operation and effectiveness of the Liquor Act 2010, and measures, including legislative measures that support the harm minimisation and community safety principles contained within the Act

Crime Prevention & Community Safety Forum - As of February 2016 replaced by the Crime Prevention Forum to be established in 2017

The Crime Prevention and Community Safety Forum broadly identifies and prioritises crime and safety concerns, and in response to those priorities, determines effective strategies and initiatives to help reduce crime and improve community safety.

Restorative Justice Phase 3 Reference Group

Smooth implementation of restorative justice phase 3 to integrate Restorative Justice processes effectively achieving the purpose of the Crimes (Restorative Justice) Act 2004 for key stakeholders.

Sexual Assault Reform Program (SARP) Reference Group

The Sexual Assault Reform Program (SARP) Reference Group provides a forum for members to monitor implementation of sexual assault reform initiatives and discuss possible future reforms to assist victims of sexual assault offences. The Reference Group focuses on improving the experience of individuals progressing through the criminal justice system and aims to ensure close interagency collaboration. The Reference Group reports to the Attorney-General.

Road Safety Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will provide advice and recommendations to the Minister for Justice on the distribution of funds, including the allocation of grant funding made by the Fund. It’s functions include undertaking a grants round for road safety initiatives at least once a year, and providing support, advice and recommendations based on expert advice and assess allocation of grant funding to road safety organisations and projects.

ACT Road Safety Board End of Term Report 2019

The Fund’s terms of reference [PDF 120KB] provides that the Fund will conduct an annual grants program.

Road Safety Task Force

Working, support and advisory group on progress against the ACT Road Safety Strategy

Galambany Court Advisory Group

To represent the views of the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community in relation to the development of policies, procedures and protocols (the operations) of the Galambany Court

Galambany Court Strategic Oversight Group

To support and move forward matters arising from the Galambany Court Reference Group and to provide critical support in relation to the Strengthening Project and Practice Direction

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice- Advisory Group

To oversee and implement the deliverable actions under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  Agreement 2019-2028

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Partnership Caucus Group

To monitor progress under the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2019-2028 and provide input to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Advisory Group

Diversification and Sustainability Support Fund Advisory Board (DSSFAB)

Provides advice to the Attorney-General on applications submitted by licensed clubs for funding for diversification and sustainability projects from the Diversification and Sustainability Support Fund.