Committee Membership

The Strategic Management Committee is responsible for formulating strategic direction, taking into account changing community needs and government priorities. They also monitor the Directorate’s performance, compliance and assurance against its corporate commitments and regulatory responsibilities.

And comprises the:

  • Director-General
  • Deputy Directors-General
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chair, Innovation and Planning Sub-Committee
  • Chair Programs and Projects Sub-Committee

The Director-General is supported by a range of committees as follows:

Innovation and Planning Sub-Committee

Programs and Projects Sub-Committee

Audit and Risk Committee

Executive Risk Committee

Work Health and Safety Tier 1 Committee

Band 2 Chair

5 x Executive
Business Unit

Band 2 Chair

5 x Executive
Business Unit

Independent Chair

3 x Independent Members

Band 2 Chair

4 x Executive Business Unit Members

Director-General Chair

Workplace Representatives

Union Representatives

Ex-Officio Members