Current and Past ACT Road Safety Fund Grant round

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2020 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

The ACT Road Safety Fund 2020 community grants program was open from 3 April until 8 May 2020. 34 high quality grant applications were received proposing a range of innovative projects and initiatives relating to road safety. On 29 August 2020, the Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety approved over $266,000 to fund seven projects that will improve the safety of motorists and vulnerable road users in the Territory:

Project Name


Funding Amount


Cognitive processes implicated in useful field of view task performance

Australian National University


Assess how individuals perform on the field of vision task to bridge the disconnect between practical driving competency assessments and theoretical models of visual-cognitive processing.

Safety evaluation of seagull intersections in the ACT

Australian Road Research Board


Identify and quantify the road safety issues associated with seagull intersections on the ACT road network to assist in prioritising intersection improvements.

Video capture and analysis of cyclists using infrastructure in the ACT through machine learning

Centre for Automotive Safety Research


Trial a method of using video surveillance, augmented with machine learning, to automate the detection of cyclists to enable a greater understanding of how cyclists utilise transport network infrastructure and as a potential road safety tool.

Canberra community slow ride

Pedal Power ACT


Promote awareness of the minimum passing distance laws and vulnerable road user safety (in collaboration with ACT Policing)

Evaluation of the Reducing Aggressive Driving (RAD) program for young drivers

Monash University Accident Research Centre


Evaluate the immediate and long-term outcomes of the RAD program, focusing on changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

Identifying the pedestrian and cyclist crash black spots in the ACT road network

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)


Use Geographical Information Systems and Kernel Density Estimation to identify the spatial patterns of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists on ACT roads.

Enhancing the young pedestrians’ perceived risk of distraction



Design posters and brochures with messages aimed to increase secondary school children’s risk perception and consequence awareness of distraction while crossing the road.

2019 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

Organisation Project Name Funded Amount Description
Belconnen Community Service Easy P driver licensing project $67,375

A pilot project to deliver driving training and support for disadvantaged young learner drivers to progress from pre-learner to provisional driving.

ACT Veterans Cycling Club Inc First Aid Training and First Aid Kits $6,727 Providing members of the ACT Veterans Cycling Club with skills to render first aid if they are first responders on the scene of a crash on ACT and regional roads.
COTA ACT Seniors Road Safety $20,000 Publication and distribution of the ‘ACT Older Drivers Handbook’ and ‘A Guide to getting around Canberra’, and conducting road safety community education events for older drivers, in collaboration with ANCAP.
PKUP Pty Ltd One Too Many $47,906 A road safety public awareness campaign educating, informing and influencing Canberra night-goers about not drinking and driving and to consider a safe option for getting home.
Swinburne University Road Empathy: Understanding and evaluating campaigns for behaviour change in young drivers and VRUs $48,188 A project to develop a campaign, targeting people between 18 – 25, to encourage shared responsibility for road safety, by encouraging drivers to share the road.
Queensland University of Technology Sharing the road with cyclists in the ACT $48,639 A project to test educational approaches in the ACT that can potentially improve road user attitudes and reduce aggression toward cyclists.
Monash University Accident Research Centre The RAD program: Reducing Aggressive Driving in young people $62,963 A behaviour change program aimed at reducing aggression in younger drivers.

2018 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

Organisation Project Name Funded Amount Description
Better Hearing Australia Canberra RecReady Vest $67,690 Hi-Vis safety vest for the hearing impaired for use when walking, running etc to inform carriageway users that the user may not hear conventional warnings of cycle bells, rider calls, or whistles.
Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT Motorcycle Awareness Week and “Joe Rider” $7,272 During motorcycle awareness week 40 to 50 riders to ride around Canberra, during all times of the day, being visible in their brightly coloured JOE vests. 
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Evaluating the impact of age and gender on spatial and temporal distribution of pedestrian crashes $18,720 Identify spatial and temporal distributions of vehicle-pedestrian crashes for different pedestrian age groups and gender types in ACT to assist in applying more effective safety strategies and plans to decrease the vehicle pedestrian crash frequency and severity in ACT.
Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT (MARSS) Learn to Drive Program $47,581.82 To support an existing program to encourage and promote road safety education for vulnerable and young drivers from migrant and refugee communities in the ACT community. Train two new driving instructors and provide subsidised lessons for 80 migrants and refugees.
Pedal Power ACT Defensive Cycling $43,270.90 Pedal Power will work with Ascent Training to develop and pilot a defensive cycling course which will provide cyclists with techniques to improve their safety when riding on city streets.
Pedal Power ACT Minimum Passing Distance Mats $4,622.75 Four larger printed mats will provide a life scale visual representation of the minimum passing distance.
University of Queensland Online training program to reduce speeding $45,410 GPS vehicle tracker will record speed following an automated online driver training program
Amy Gillett Foundation Heavy Vehicle Awareness Online Education Program $43,182 Training program design to reduce risks to cyclists posed by heavy vehicles. 

2017 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

Organisation Project Name Funded Amount Description
Centre for Automotive Safety Research

An evaluation of bicycle passing distances in the ACT 

$52,690 Redesign and improve a device that can measure passing distances of motor vehicles, and test with 20 participants to investigate compliance with safe cycling laws in various locations.

Dr jasper Wijnands


Identification of road design characteristics associated with unsafe driving behaviours using in-vehicle telematics $45,455 Research to identify high risk intersections based on GPS data including braking and accelerating behaviour.  Aim to inform policy and network design, including police targeting. 
Traffic Management Association of Australia Safety at Roadworks Advertising Campaign
$39,090 Broadcast of television advertisements about safe driving around roadwork sites.
Road Safety Education Limited RYDA road safety education program $22,727 Facilitation of four one-day interactive workshops for ACT year 11 students (over each 2018 term).
Stay Upright Rider Training Training area to on road transition for novice motorcyclists $45,455 To provide training for new riders, after they achieve their L-plates, for the on-road environment in a mentored manner. 
Kidsafe ACT Develop road safety support brochures $27,272 Redesign and update several Road Safety brochures including choosing a child restraint, step by step cards for fitting child restraints, choosing a bike and teaching kids to ride.
Aboriginal Legal Service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Driver Licensing Pilot Project $83,416 Develop a culturally relevant program including driver instruction, education and support, designed to increase licensing rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT. 

2016 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

Organisation Project Name Funded Amount Description
Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate (TCCS) Events Traffic Control Training Program $16,445 Develop a nationally accredited program delivering traffic control training for community events in the ACT.
Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate Chevron Marking Pilot Project $40,000 Trial chevron line marking on arterial roads where tailgating is known to be a problem and there is a history of rear-end type crashes.
Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate Speed Detection Signs in Residential Areas $40,000 Trial the use of speed detecting signs on residential streets where motorists travel at relatively high speeds and/or use them as short-cuts (rat run) to other destinations.
ACT Policing Vinyl stickers with Vehicle Road Safety Messaging for display on police cars $12,000 Create vinyl stickers for ACT Policing vehicles to advertise road safety messages.
Chapman Primary Parent & Citizens Association Junior School Road Safety $15,000 This program will deliver a pedestrian and cyclist road safety education program for students.
Council of the Ageing - ACT Street Smart Seniors $92,600 Review and update the Street Smart Seniors information session for older ACT road users.
Cyclabilities Learn to ride and road safety program for children with additional needs $60,000 Establish a pilot program for teaching road safety and cycling skills to children with additional needs.
Eurobodalla Shire Council Kings Highway Road Safety Campaign $12,210 Continue the road safety awareness campaign targeted specifically at ACT drivers who drive the Kings Highway between ACT and Batemans Bay in the peak traffic periods of Summer 2018/19, Easter/Anzac Day and long weekends in 2019.
Motorcycle Riders Association ACT Joe Rider $10,000 “Joe Rider” is an awareness campaign been held during Motorcycle Awareness Week to encourage road users to look out for motorcycles.