Final report of the Review of the Family Violence Act 2016

23 February 2021

JACS is pleased to publish the final report of the Review of the Family Violence Act 2016. 

The review provides useful insights into the Act, including the perceptions of those who work in the family violence sector and those with lived experience of family violence.

Family violence is a complex and challenging area of law, policy and service delivery. The Government is committed to strengthening the protections for victims of family violence in the ACT, and there are consistent themes in the feedback detailed in the review that will help shape family violence law and policy going forward.

JACS would like to thank Professor Lorana Bartels and Professor Patricia Easteal for their work in conducting the review and their recommendations. JACS would also like to thank the professional stakeholders and people with lived experience who participated in the review.  

To view the report please visit here.