JACS Governance Framework

29 June 2018
Governance. Framework

This framework provides an overview of governance in the directorate. It informs and introduces staff to best practice governance practices that promote the principles of good governance.

The aim of the framework is to assist staff to understand their personal accountabilities, in the context of their legislated responsibilities as a member of the Australian Capital Territory Public Service (under the Public Sector Management Act 1994), in accordance with the Financial Management Act 1996 and where applicable, as a delegate of the Director-General and in contributing to the performance of the directorate.

The framework is also designed to provide the conditions for:

• meeting our legal obligations

• a unified leadership by providing Executive and staff with clearly defined responsibilities

• high performance through integration of functions as well as strategic, operational and individual performance planning and management processes

• a decision making environment that considers risk and provides transparency in managing situations that may prevent us from meeting our objectives

• a culture of working respectfully, innovatively and collaboratively to seek solutions and solve problems.