Lennox Report

04 May 2010

The ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) has to confront challenges of ever increasing numbers of cases plus the resourcing implications of having sufficient capacity to give a timely response.  Every Australian Ambulance service has faced similar challenges to ACTAS in the last decade, linked to growth in demand for services and its impacts on emergency response performance. These demand pressures can confidently be expected to continue as the population grows and ages and as the health system also continues to respond and change.

Independent consultant and former Tasmanian ambulance service chief, Grant Lennox, was commissioned to report on options for a management structure for ACTAS and related strategy improvements to meet the current and future challenges. The resulting Review of ACT Ambulance Service report will assist to better inform the ACT community about the issues and challenges their ambulance service faces and also raise understanding of the cost of providing high quality ambulance services into the future.