Official Hospitality Gifts and Benefits - Director-General Financial Instructions

22 August 2018

This instruction has been introduced to assist authorised officers to discharge the Director-General’s responsibility in relation to expenditure on official hospitality, use of resources, gifts and benefits, donations and the provision of alcohol.As a general principle, public monies should not be used to provide hospitality for ACT Government officers. The number of ACT Government officials attending a Directorate function involving official hospitality should be restricted to those who would be able to advance the interests of the Business Unit, or where the Directorate would benefit from their attendance.The level of hospitality and cost incurred must be justifiable and publically defendable as well as being proportionate to the benefits to be accrued by the Directorate.This instruction should be read in conjunction with the JACS Gifts, Benefits, Bribes and Hospitality Factsheet.