Properties affected by loose-fill asbestos

The law in the ACT aims to prevent tenants from renting properties that are known to contain loose-fill asbestos, because of the serious health and safety risks from these properties.

The ACT Government operated a voluntary buyback scheme that ensured that most properties that were identified as being affected by loose-fill asbestos have been demolished and the land remediated. However, a very small number of affected properties remain.

The ACT Government maintains an online Register that lists the remaining affected properties.

  • From 1 July 2020, any residential tenancy agreement entered into for an affected property that is listed on the Register is void (meaning it will be invalid).
  • The same applies for occupancy agreements, subletting and any other agreement to allow someone to live in an affected property.

The Government’s Register is available here so you can check whether the property you are considering renting is affected by loose-fill asbestos.

Affected properties are also required to prominently display an asbestos management plan which would be visible during inspections.