Road Safety Report Card 2020

08 May 2020

The Road Safety Report Card monitors the implementation and progress of the ACT’s road safety initiatives to ensure they are working towards Vision Zero and to prevent deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

The Report Card demonstrates that ACT road safety initiatives are helping to reduce fatalities on our roads.

The Report Card provides details on several initiatives that have been completed, including:

  • The Monash University Accident Research Centre evaluation of the ACT Road Safety Camera Program that found that mobile cameras reduced crashes by about 22 per cent and contributed to $60 million in savings a year in crash costs. The ACT mobile camera fleet will be expanded in light of this.
  • The ACT Graduated Licensing Scheme reforms to equip learner drivers with skills and experience to become safer drivers commenced on 1 January 2020.
  • The fourth annual ACT Road Safety Fund provided nearly $300,000 to seven community grant applications to support road safety research, education and road trauma prevention programs.
  • A regulatory framework commenced in December 2019 that introduced e-scooters and similar devices into the ACT.

You can access the Road Safety Report Card 2020 by visiting the Road Safety Publications page on our website.