Law Reform Advisory Council

The ACT Law Reform Advisory Council (LRAC) was established in 2009 as a collaboration between the ACT Government and the ANU College of Law. LRAC’s Terms of Reference specify that its role is to ‘provide expert advice and recommendations to the Attorney-General on terms of reference dealing with law reform matters referred to it by the Attorney-General’.

Drawing on the extensive expertise of the academic staff of the ANU College of Law, LRAC responds to requests from the ACT Attorney-General to advise on significant legal policy issues. It does not have the power to instigate its own enquiries.  Previous enquiries have been conducted in relation to the legal recognition of sex and gender diversity, the provision of suspended sentences by the ACT courts and possible modifications to the Discrimination Act 1991. Most recently the Council completed an inquiry into guardianship arrangements and their consistency with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Dr Tony Foley, Professor at the ANU College of Law is the current chair.

Members are appointed for their expertise in matters relating to law and legal policy, and not as representatives of any organisation. They are experts in a wide variety of law related fields, from judges, magistrates and practising lawyers, to police, community and consumer agencies, and victims support groups. Under its Terms of Reference, LRAC is comprised of 12 members: 6 ex-officio members, 5 members recruited through an expression of interest process and a chair nominated by the Australian National University.

The current members of LRAC are:

David Heckendorf
Helen Watchirs
John Burns
Stuart Pilkinton
John Kalokerinos
Justine Saunders
Tony Foley
Lorana Bartels
Heidi Yates
Louise Taylor 
Lorraine Walker 
Martin Hockeridge


Office Location
ANU College of Law
Australian National University


(02) 6125 7514

(02) 6125 0103

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