Supreme Court Working Group report

Supreme Court

In September 2009 the Chief Justice and the Attorney General both expressed a desire for a working group to be established to consider issues affecting the court’s ability to complete in a timely way the high volume of cases currently coming before it. 

In the working group's report it concludes that the only realistic solutions to enabling the Supreme Court to deal with its workload were to either reduce substantially how much work comes to the Supreme Court, or to increase judicial resources in the Supreme Court.  For the court as currently configured, the single most useful solution to address current backlogs and reduce waiting times was likely to be the addition of judicial personnel.

The working group considered the relative benefits of an additional resident judge, ‘visiting’ Federal Court judge, acting judge and master, as well as the possibilities for keeping more work at the Magistrates Court level. The group noted the financial implications of each option and the lead time that would be likely if legislative amendment was required to implement a solution.

Supreme Court Working Group Report and attachments